10 Premium WordPress Themes to Rock With Your Website in Summer 2017

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Do you enjoy your summer? I hope so! Today I would like to open a new side of summer for you. People consider this season only as a great thing to chill out. However, it’s also a nice period to boost your business to the top. I’m sure that 10 premium WordPress themes will definitely help us to figure everything out!

Basically, we all know summer as a perfect time to go somewhere on a cool vacation. Beach, wild forest, everlasting discos, hard cocktails, favorite music, and unforgettable memories create a perfect summer for us, don’t they? However, there is another thing here. Lots of people worldwide are looking for places to spend their money in summer.

Whether you have a luxury hotel, fresh fruits & veggies market, an awesome night club, fitness center, or any other kind of business, you might have tons of customers if you know how to promote it right. It comes as no surprise that we all have our everyday needs. But when it comes to summer, we all want to choose the best services and products’ related to this wonderful period of time. So, all we need to turn summer into a money booster is a leadership among others.

Being in a digital trap, we are more familiar with taking services & products online day by day. For example, I can shop a suntan lotion at my favorite e-store, also, I can find a pretty good hotel for my vacation online, and whatever. It saves me a lot of time that I could spend for much better things than a long lasting line at the checkout and my way there and back home. That’s why summer is a really great time for taking your business online. Here you have impeccable opportunities to enhance your customers’ base, to promote yourself, and to make a good income, of course.

Now, let’s define all steps you can make to get a professional-looking site. First of all, you can look for an experienced freelancer or a web development agency. They can make for you a hassle-free website from scratch, so, you can take your business online in a pretty short period of time. Additionally, I would recommend you this Web Studios Catalog. Here you can find certified and verified web developers that are always ready to help you.

To say more, there you can find lots of agencies by means of your own location. Therefore, this catalog will definitely help you to avoid various frauds and other hassle you might catch on the web. As for me, this way has only one minus - its price. However, if you have enough savings or if your business brings you a fixed income, this way won’t be a problem for you.

Another way allows you to create a website on your own. Of course, you will spend more time on it but, as a result, you will save a plenty of recourses and will get some new skills. Just decide on an engine you would like to use for your website, choose a hosting provider, a cool domain name related to your business, and a good-looking ready-made template. Speaking about the engine, I would like to suggest you WordPress. It’s the most popular CMS for a simple website building without a headache. Moreover, you do not need any professional skills to create a WordPress-powered website.

If you are still unfamiliar with ready-made templates and themes, you’d better know that they are your helpful must-haves! They were created to make website building process even more easy & enjoyable. Fortunately, today’s web development market is full of premium WordPress themes.

Therefore, you can save a lot of time and recourses while using them in website building. Whether you have a car was service, a travel agency, a web designer portfolio, or any other thing to promote, WordPress themes come in handy to achieve your goals!

As a matter of fact, the Internet has lots of business owners that will make you happy as well as there are lots of online companies that can’t wait to harm you with their fakes and really low-quality goods. As a regular online customer, I don’t want you to get in trouble, therefore, I would like to recommend you TemplateMonster as a reliable provider of the first-class templates and themes. All WordPress themes from these guys come with a fully responsive unique design, a simple step by step documentation, an SEO-friendly nature, a lifetime 24/7 support, and lots of other features. Moreover, here you can meet a code-free website building because each theme boasts a Power Page builder in the core.

No more words, it’s time to see everything in action! So, take a close look at some premium WordPress themes to hit the mark this summer!

Oceanica - Hotel Responsive WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

VicHax - Portfolio for Designer Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Latify - Traditional Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

KidsHealth - Kids Health Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

DropLbs - Weight Loss Center WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Inigo - Luxury Night Club WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creado - Art Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Innovi - Digital Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Presstige - Creative Printing Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fastlek - Jogging Club Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

So, what do you think of these premium WordPress themes? How do you like this profitable side of summer? I’m always happy to hear from you, please, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

I hope that this article will help you to brighten up this summer 2017 not only with rockstar beach parties, but also with a rich number of successful businesses! Sharing is caring, therefore, you’re very welcome to share this article with your friends, so, they could stand out too! Stay cool, and have a good day!